Width of the Grapple 737 mm 29"
Height of the Grapple 762 mm 30"
Depth of the Grapple 762 mm 30"
Maximum opening of the grapple 107 cm 42"
Weight of the grapple 163 kg 359 lbs

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About FrostBite Grapples

Sale Price $1,750

FrostBite Grapples


FrostBite Grapples For handling and placing rocks, move logs. brush removal, move pipe, culverts, handling steel I-beams, landscaping and so much more!

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All Purpose Grapples for:
Here at Big Country Grapples we offer FrostBite Grapples for your Skid Steer, Utility Tractors & Toolcats!


The FrostBite Grapples carry a five year warranty: 


Born to Work!